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Join our mission and make a difference!


We’re looking for passionate volunteers to support our mission and help us create positive impacts in the community.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Caregiver Support Group Facilitators


  • Help facilitate a support group in your community

Training and onboarding is available to make sure it will be a good fit, and that you feel prepared to enter these confidential spaces to help caregivers navigate the variety of challenges they encounter during the journey with dementia.

Day Program Volunteers


Join in with one or both of DSNW’s social respite programs for those living with dementia. 


  • Assist with program activities with guidance from DSNW’s staff members

  • Socialize with program members

  • Lend a hand preparing the daily lunch

  • Share your talents and passions: Music, art, hobbies, collections, etc!


Project Lifesaver


  • Search and Rescue

Become a registered emergency worker in Whatcom County and receive regular training to aid in search and rescue efforts to locate program members in cases of wandering.


  • Program Maintenance

Help perform regular equipment maintenance including battery and band replacements alongside DSNW’s program coordinator.

Dementia Friendly Events


Weekly breakfast clubs, community gardening groups, seasonal art classes, summertime concert attendance, and more help provide caregivers with the opportunity to connect with one another in low-key 

social settings, helping to alleviate the isolation that so often accompanies dementia. 


If you have an idea for a new event, or would like to join in helping with one that’s already on our calendar, we’d love to hear from you.

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