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Training, Education, and Outreach

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Sharing What We Know

DSNW is proud to offer adaptable trainings, educational presentations, and informational outreach for our regional communities and the groups that live and work within them. 

Whether it's a community visit, professional staff training, an informal Dementia Friends session, one of our educational seminars (HEAD Talks) or annual conferences, we're here to share what we know about ways to make life a little easier for caregivers.

We also know that no two groups are the same when it comes to training, and try to incorporate a level of flexibility into our sessions to accommodate for more specialized information. With a bit of advanced notice, our team can incorporate specific information and guidance applicable to the situations often encountered by your staff, volunteers, congregations, community groups, and so on.

We hope there's an opportunity to share what we know with your team. Give us a call or send us an email, and we'll find a way to help!

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