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Support Services

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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Though we're a small agency, we've worked to assemble a comprehensive set of supports for our neighbors and community members living with dementia, as well as those providing their care. 

Looking for information on our day programs? Click HERE!

Staying Connected (Meeting Virtually)

This weekly program creates a safe and comfortable environment for the participants to receive cognitive, physical, and social interaction with others. A benefit to this group is that the participants are currently experiencing the same things, have previously experienced them or are just able to listen to each other’s experiences. Henrietta Polinder, a participant in our Staying Connected Group explained, “The most important thing to me is the opportunity to be with others in my situation and having the opportunity to learn from them and giving them the opportunity to learn from me as well.”

Art Access Classes (Delivered Virtually)

Provided in partnership with Allied Arts of Whatcom County during the colder months, our Art Access classes provide ways to learn, create, and engage socially with others experiencing cognitive decline. With materials dropped off prior to our virtual classes, we work to make sure that finding support in community is as easy to accommodate in busy caregiving schedules as possible. Those with a diagnosis, as well as their care partners, are always welcome to join!

Caregiver Support Groups (In-Person and Virtual Option)

Blending one-on-one education with traditional peer support, these evidence-based, confidential groups  meet weekly to provide the caregiver or loved one the opportunity to talk to other individuals who are facing some of the same problems and challenges they are. Many find it helpful to talk with an understanding group about the frustrations they are experiencing.


Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss create many specific problems for families in their daily lives. Simply getting to know other people with similar concerns is a comfort to many.

Memory Screenings (In-Person, by Appt.)

We recommend non-diagnostic memory screenings for anyone concerned about memory loss or experiencing warning signs of dementia; whose family and friends have noticed changes in them; or who believe they are at risk due to a family history of Alzheimer’s disease or a related illness.


Screenings also are appropriate for anyone who does not have a concern right now, but who wants to establish a reference point for their memory is now and for future comparisons. Provided at no cost, we hope to see you in for a memory health 'check up' soon!

Children Caring for Parent's with Dementia (Meeting Virtually)

Care relationships between children and their parents living with cognitive decline can bring unique challenges to the caregiving experience. This monthly group seeks to provide additional dedicated space, peer support, and guidance to help navigate the changing power dynamics, find answers to questions about how to provide caregiving for those that have been sources of guidance themselves throughout the participants lives. 

Life After Caregiving (Meeting Virtually)

Life After Caregiving seeks to provide a space for monthly "check ins" for those whose loved ones have passed. Grieving is experienced in a great many ways, and impacts every facet of our lives. We hope that this less structured peer support group can provide a space for those at any stage of the grieving process to find validation in their experiences, strategies for coping, and the knowledge that even when caregiving is done, you are not alone.

Dementia Friendly Events

DSNW's dementia friendly volunteers work throughout the year to find dementia-friendly events in our communities. Examples include:

  • Weekly coffee meet ups

  • Group attendance of summertime park concert series

  • Local comedy nights

  • Visits to local dementia friendly spaces

  • Small gallery tours

  • and we're always on the lookout for more!

To learn more about meeting times and locations:

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