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Dementia Info Roadmap

Safety Wear

Dementia Safety Toolkit

Patent Preparation and Prosecution

Dementia Legal Planning Toolkit

Blood Pressure Check

Dementia Info  Another Resource 

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Regional Council

Northwest Regional Council connects to create new solutions to navigate the challenges of aging and disability. They provide support to people experiencing dementia, and their caregivers. 

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Palliative Care Institute

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Adult Protective Services

Adult Protective Services (APS) is dedicated to serving vulnerable adults. In collaboration with other agencies, their goal is to promote lives free of harm while respecting individual choice. 

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Dementia Action Collaborative

Dementia Action Collaborative (DAC) is a group public-private partners committed to preparing Washington state for the growth of the population living with Dementia. 

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Pro Bono Council

Washington Pro Bono Council members provide free legal aid services. Everyone should have legal help when facing a crisis. Find out if civil legal aid can help you by contacting your local volunteer lawyer program. 

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Dementia Support Northwest

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