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37th Annual Conference
Recorded Sessions

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Session 1 - Recorded October 6, 2023 [1:07:14]

“Some Different Dementias—Frontotemporal, Lewy Body, and Vascular”

with Dr. Kimiko Domoto-Reilly


The first session of this year’s conference features a presentation by Dr. Kimiko Domoto-Reilly, an Associate Professor of Neurology and Adjunct Associate Professor of Radiology at the University of Washington. The session will focus on identifying key features of non-Alzheimer dementias, as well as describing steps taken during diagnostic evaluations, before concluding with a discussion on the clinical course and tailored interventions used as part of that process.


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Session 2 - Recorded October 13, 2023 [0:50:09]

“A Medical Update on the Dementias”

with Dr. Nancy Isenberg


Our second session features a presentation by Dr. Nancy Isenberg, the Medical Director of the Center for Healthy Aging at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute.

Dr. Isenberg’s session will focus on improving the timely and accurate diagnosis of dementia, managing dementia symptoms when other chronic conditions are present, and on strategies for  improving care and quality of life for those living with Alzheimer’s or other mixed dementia.


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Session 3 - Recorded October 20, 2023 [0:47:26]

“Respectful Responses to

Curious Behaviors” with Kelsey Lovik


Our final session for this year’s conference features a presentation by Kelsey Lovik, a Dementia Program Specialist with Northwest Regional Council. This session will focus on identifying some of the most reported “challenging behaviors” and why they occur, as well as a discussion on general communication and support strategies for responding to behaviors, before concluding with a conversation about evidence-based, nonpharmaceutical interventions that can target those behaviors.


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