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Help Us Transform Dementia Care:

Why We Need Your Help

We are thrilled to announce our Dementia Respite Innovation to expand our services and establish a flagship location in the Bellis Fair mall. In order to accomplish this, we are aiming to raise $100,000.


Our Vision for the Future

With your support, we can achieve the following:

  • Drop-in Short-term Respite Care: Offering low-barrier, short-term respite services to mall patrons, providing a safe and engaging environment for individuals with ADRD while their caregivers enjoy a break.

  • New Headquarters in the Shopping Mall: Moving our headquarters to a more accessible location, increasing visibility and ease of access to our services.

  • Collaborative Programs: Partnering with the Northwest Regional Council (NWRC) to provide regular walk-in hours and access to comprehensive dementia support programs.

  • Community Hub: Creating a welcoming social hub with a coffee counter, promoting social interaction and reducing isolation among community members.

  • Expanded Support Groups and Activities: Providing a centralized and convenient location for support groups and engaging activities for individuals with brain changes.

  • Resource Center: Establishing an information area with resources on dementia and assistive technology, making these crucial tools readily available to the public.

  • Volunteer Opportunities: Offering volunteer and community service opportunities that benefit individuals with dementia and the broader community.

  • Memory Screening Events: Hosting regular memory screening events to encourage proactive brain health management.

Photos Inside the Bellis Fair mall, More Coming Soon!

How Your Donation Makes a Difference

Every dollar you donate brings us closer to transforming dementia care in our community. Your contributions help us provide vital services, support families, and create a safe, engaging environment for individuals with dementia. Here's a heartfelt testimonial from Eva Schulte that illustrates the impact of your generosity:

A testimonial from Eva Schulte:

“Good Times Club has been an incredible gift! There are many things my mom cannot remember, but she does remember how she loves Heather and Sean, how kind all the other members are, how much laughter there is, and how much she enjoys being there. There are also many things my mom can no longer do, and this loss of autonomy and of feeling productive has been frustrating for her. At club, she can do it all! It has been wonderful to see her engaged and, also important, to see how much she is valued and cared for. I know she is safe there. She is happy. The break that it gives me is so appreciated and very needed. I am confident that club is buying us time for her to remain at home. My wish is that the model you're implementing would become widespread because the benefits are truly amazing. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Heather and Sean have my unending respect and gratitude - they are so very good at what they do, and they are such good human beings.”

Join Us in Making a Difference

Your support is crucial in helping us achieve our mission. Together, we can create a community where individuals with dementia and their caregivers feel supported, understood, and connected. Please consider making a donation today to help us reach our goal and unlock the full potential of the grant.

*Donations Updated Daily

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